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The Unravellers are fifty men strong. They typically have no additional support for the soldiers, instead marching alongside and using the supply trains of allied forces.


The only equipment carried by Unravellers is the necessary tools to keep their weapons sharp. All else is provided for them by the army they march alongside.


The most important item on an Unraveller is their wide shield, made from Draonyx . These shields are their sole defence against enemy Spellweaving, and they use them to block magical attacks. They wield longswords for melee combat, and half of the formation are armed with crossbows in addition.


The Unravellers are led in battle by a single captain. There is also another important role, second only to the captain: the seeker


The Unravellers are only sent to battle in locations where it is known that there are enemy Spellweavers. Once the battle begins, they avoid all combat, staying near at least one formation designated to defend them while the seeker searches across the battlefield for enemy Spellweavers. Once they find it, the captain leads them in that direction with the single-minded purpose of eliminating the arcane threat.   The seeker keeps watch of the target and warns the formation whenever they observe the process of weaving magic. The Unravellers react either by raising their shields together, forming a shell to block the attack or moving to avoid it entirely if it seems unblockable. Once the enemy is within range of the crossbows, the captain will call for a halt and a barrage of quarrels at them. This continues until either the crossbowmen run out of ammunition, or the captain deems further ranged attacks to be of no use. If the Spellweaver still lives, they advance.   Once the gap is closed, Unravellers break formation and engage in melee with the Spellweaver. Ten soldiers run in while the rest defend the seeker. The seeker keeps predicting the enemy attacks while the soldiers fight. Typically most Spellweavers are not proficient in melee combat and are eliminated quickly.


Training for the prestigious group of mage-slayers involves most importantly the avoidance of incoming magical effects and learning to spot them. This training involves live practice against trusted Spellweavers of the Atin Ortasque . Injuring an Unraveller trainee will result in the Spellweaver's punishment, so they often go easy on the learners. This results in the training ground being entirely different from a real combat scenario, potentially leading to unprepared rookies.   In additon to this, Unravellers continue to recieve the same combat training as a Seraphim soldier, making sure they are in as fit a state as they can be for combat.



Other Seraphim formations often serve as supporting units to the Unravellers, protecting them so that they can perform their task unhindered. Occasionally formations from other armies are also assigned as supporting units, should their leaders see the task of eliminating enemy magic as important enough.


Unravellers are hand-picked from among the most talented soldiers within the Seraphim by the August Seraph themselves. While the August Seraph may have their own prejudices, historically the only merits judged for recruitment are skill and strength.


The name of the Unravellers strikes fear into any Spellweaver serving an army. As a result of their renowned actions, many armies think twice about recruiting the devastating power of a Spellweaver and inviting the elite of the Seraphim to their enemy's side. Should a military force come to rely on their magic, the mere sight of the Draonyx sheild wall can lead to soldiers fleeing the battlefield.

Historical loyalties

The Unravellers have always served the Seraphim faithfully, acting as their elite elimination squad.

Special Forces
Overall training Level
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