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The Dyad

The Dyad operates under the premise of pairs, and each assassin has a partner, who they are never separate from.   Paired at the start of training, two members form one Dyadic and are treated as a singular entity by the guild. What bond forms in a Dyadic varies, some being friends, some rivals, and even some lovers, but the teamwork and the training provided by the Dyad form a lethal pair of assassins.


Archdyadic - the leading Dyadic of the Dyad, the Archdyadic is the best the Dyad has. Responsible for all leadership, and handling income for the organisation. They only leave for the most difficult and prestigious of assassinations.

Public Agenda

The Dyad kills out of an almost religious belief that the complete union of two is greater than two individuals. Money is only a secondary motivator towards their actions and as a means of funding their mission to prove that their way is greater than the individualistic way shown by the common person of Ecus. They will use any means to show this, including the use of Spellweaving, making them an enemy of the Seraphim.


The strength of the Dyad comes from few people, and as hated and feared by the common populace as they are, they must stay in hiding. The Dyad boasts no great castles or armies; the elite skill of each Dyadic is all that is needed.


The origins of the Dyad are unknown, even to those within. It has lasted centuries, and its very name has been feared

Guild, Assassins
Notable Members

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