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Transmission & Vectors

When a pregnant female is exposed to strong Storm Magic, there is the chance of the child being Stormborn. Should their heritage include Stormweavers, it is more likely for a creature to be born this way.


When the Storm Magic in a creature’s blood is too powerful to be restrained, the magic spills out to the rest of its body, bringing the storm to life within them.


Physical Symptoms

A Stormborn child is marked by bright yellow hair and a set of swirling marks across their face. These marks are ever-shifting, never being the same twice, and as predictable as the wind.   Part of the magic that manifests as part of their being is the disturbance of the air surrounding them, creating a light breeze. As their emotions become more intense, so too does this breeze, tossing their hair and clothes around, and sometimes even affecting surrounding objects or creatures.  

Mental Symptoms

Ingrained in the minds of all Stormborn is the fear of bondage. Just as the wind itself cannot be bound, those born of it seek freedom above all else.  

Arcane Symptoms

Blooded Stormweavers all, Stormborn are able to weave the powers of its magic to their whim.   The most untamed and tempestuous Aspect, the Stormweaving abilities of Stormborn are just as uncontrollable. Many an afflicted youth has evoked lightning, causing harm to kin.


There is no treatment for being Stormborn.


There is no advancement to the condition; it never improves or worsens. It stays with a creature for the entirety of its lifetime, the only changes in how they handle the magic coursing through them.

Cultural Reception

When a Stormborn child is born, most midwives advise to abandon it, either to the wilderness or to whoever guards Spellweavers. If they are kept and raised however, they are usually met with fear. While they can be hidden, their magical outbursts cannot, and are dangerous for all nearby.

Chronic, Congenital
Extremely Rare

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