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Storm Magic

Wild, free, and unrestrained, the Aspect of Storm has powers over wind and tempest, allowing practised Spellweavers to control the winds and conjure bolts of lightning.  

Wind Manipulation

The simplest control of Storm Magic is that of the wind. Stormweavers can change the speed and of the wind, directing it where they wish.   Be this forming a simple breeze or a powerful blast, simple incantations allow Stormweavers to guide to currents in their favour. While they choose what happens, even the strongest never has full control, for the wind is free.  

Lightning Evocation

The powers of Storm can create static in the air. Channelling powerful magic into such an effect can result in searing bolts of lighting, emitting from either the sky or the Focus used.   As the intensity of this conjuration heightens, so does its instability. It is easy for sparks to stray from the intended target, crashing into what it shouldn’t.  


An advancement of manipulating wind, Stormweavers can make use of the current to travel through the skies. This is attained by channelling the wind beneath them, propelling them upwards.   Incredibly difficult, to maintain flight requires intense concentration and effort from the Stormweaver. Those inexperienced to flight make use of wing-like items to aid them, for it takes mastery to fly unassisted.


Areas with heavy Storm Magic can be identified by turbulent winds and a sense of static in the air.

Metaphysical, Arcane

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