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Spellweaver's Staff

A Spellweaver's Staff is one of a spellweaver's most treasured possessions. Acting as an extension of themselves, their staff houses the Arcane Focus used for spellweaving and allowing them the reach to fully manipulate the Aspects.  


The core of a spellweaver's Staff is its Arcane Focus. It lies at the head of the staff, secured but with as great a surface area exposed as is possible. The staff itself is made from predominantly wood, and the basic shape is simple yet sturdy. Other materials are occasionally used, such as iron for a Flameweaver's staff, or stone for Earth, but these are the outliers.   Many a Spellweaver customises their staff, personalises it to fit themselves.

Manufacturing process

There is little elegance to the crafting of a spellweaver's staff: it is no more challenging than constructing a regular staff. A craftsman first creates the staff, then carefully attaches the Focus to it, making sure not to activate it. The process is usually supervised by a spellweaver, to prevent any arcane mishaps.


A spellweaver's staff is of great importance to its owner, for their staff is their only means to spellweave. While the Focus is the only necessary component, a spellweaver will protect their staff from both destruction and theft. While with the former, coin and time are the only costs, but any can attempt to wield a stolen staff, causing untold misuse of magic.

Item type

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