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Shadow Magic

Mysterious, concealing, and black, the Aspect of Shadow has powers over night and darkness. Shadowweavers make use of it to stay concealed from light, and bed the shade to their whim.  

Shadow Manipulation

Use of the Aspect of Shadow allows its users to incite shadows to reach out from their bounds. This is most used to extend shade, expanding the area one can hide, but also serves to act as distraction.   The shadows have no physical form and can affect nothing, but the creation of black tendrils can still strike fear into the unknowing. Shadow can also surround a source of light, blocking it out for a short duration.  


Shadowweavers can create a shroud of darkness that reflects and bends light around it. They can do this to anyone and anything, but greater size and duration requires greater magic channelling into it.   While very effective, this is not perfect invisibility: in bright light, a faint shimmer can be see. It is for this reason that it is still best to stick to the shadows, and make use of other Shadowweaving to compensate.  


An advanced form of Shadowweaving, darkness can be invoked to leap into the eyes of a creature, temporarily blinding them. The extent of the blindness depends on the strength of the cast, but the longest one has been affected is a day.   Being the least subtle form of Shadowweaving, this is seldom used due to the fact that the victim will know that they have been blinded by some form of magic. This is however also the most effective, offering one complete concealment from a target.


When the shadows seem to be even darker at their heart, that is a sign that Shadow Magic is heavy in the air.

Metaphysical, Arcane

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