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Transmission & Vectors

The Touch of Light is passed to an unborn child through heavy exposure to Light Magic. Often it is a case of the mother being exposed to strong latent magic, although a family history of Lightweavers can make more likely for a creature to be born Lightborn.


When the Light Magic within a creature’s blood is too powerful to be contained to just that, the raw magic is let loose throughout their body, and they are Lightborn.


Physical Symptoms

In darkness, a mother can tell early that the child they carry is to be Lightborn by the illumination from inside her womb. A Lightborn is marked by their skin, as white as snow, and hair that shines like a golden sun. Their eyes glow a similar gilded hue, and the radiance they display is unmissable.   The light within their eyes means that, regardless of species, a Lightborn individual completely loses their ability to see in the dark. Somewhat making up for this is the fact that their hair illuminates the surrounding area, meaning that a Lightborn is never in darkness.  

Mental Symptoms

Lightborn oft seek to make themselves seen, and will try to get what attention they can, be it speaking loudly or performing large gestures.  

Arcane Symptoms

The Light Magic travelling throughout a Lightborn’s body causes it to act as a Focus of Light, capable of channelling the magic into form.   As a Blooded Lightweaver, the radiance they give off is hard to conceal, and while not dangerous, to most, they are still met with comtempt.


There is no treatment for being Lightborn.


Being Lightborn lasts a lifetime. There is only one stage to the condition, and it stays constant throughout the afflicted’s life. The symptoms never worsen, but they also never improve.

Cultural Reception

Lightborn, as with most afflicted by the strong touch of magic, are met with fear. Those whose parents keep them after birth, despite recommendations of midwives, are raised away from other children, else they be seen and taken away. While some isolated communities find use for such creatures, most see them as dangerous or an affront to the gods.

Chronic, Congenital
Extremely Rare

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