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Transmission & Vectors

When an unborn child is exposed heavily to Life Magic, there lies the possibility of them being born touched by Life itself. Should their bloodline carry that of previous Lifeweavers, it makes it more likely.


So overflowing is the Life Magic within their blood that it reaches out, touching the whole of one's body.


Physical Symptoms

As Life floods the body, the immediate signs of a Lifeborn child are the pale green hue to their skin, their hair a different shade. Eyes also take a green colour, and there are seldom any imperfections in a Lifeborn's appearance, their skin always full and almost glowing.   As part of the raw magic flowing through them, a Lifeborn creature's body is strengthened. They grow faster and stronger with less effort than normal creatures of their species, in addition to being able to stay young and live longer. Fertility is also improved, a Lifeborn creature is more likely to conceive during intercourse.  

Mental Symptoms

Lifeborn have an affinity for other living beings, and often enjoy the company of others, regardless of species.  

Arcane Symptoms

All Lifeborn creatures act as Foci of Life, and are thus Blooded Lifeweavers. Their very thoughts are able to bring surges of life to creatures and plants surrounding them.   While many think Life Magic is infallible, when uncontrolled it is potentially the most dangerous of all. Unchecked growth can run rampant when augmented by wild magic, and mutations in wildlife can be dangerous.


There is no treatment for being Lifeborn.


Being Lifeborn is something that stays with one for the duration of their life. The only improvements to the condition are learning to control the magic, but the physical effects never leave.

Cultural Reception

Lifeborn are the only celebrated of the arcane afflictions. Seen as a blessing more than a curse, many parents keep their children, and in smaller communities they are revered.

Chronic, Congenital
Extremely Rare

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