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Life Magic

Invigorating, spirited, and creative, the Aspect of Life has powers over creation and growth. Lifeweavers make use of it to heal the wounded and restore vitality to the weak. Of all Aspects of Magic, that of Life is the most tolerated, and in some cases accepted by the commonfolk.  


As the namesake would apply, the Aspect of Life is capable of closing wounds and mending bone. Even recently detached limbs can be reattached by a sufficiently skilled Lifeweaver, and many a story has been told of men brought back from the brink of death.   While scars remain, Lifeweavers can heal nearly any injury and are celebrated among Spellweavers for their life-saving abilities. The one thing many have tried but even the strongest have failed is to reverse the effects of death itself, most attempts either failing or resulting in something worse.  

Growth Manipulation

Lifeweavers can encourage growth in living matter by weaving the magic into a young plant or animal. This creates nutrition within the target and makes cells multiply at a faster rate, resulting in full maturity faster, and in more healthy a state.   This is most commonly used on personal plants such as flowers, but in more trusting villages with less Seraphim influence crops are improved by the spells of Life. A Lifeweaver is beneficial to a struggling harvest, should they be allowed to help.  

Life Infusion

Seldom seen, it is possible to infuse something with primitive life. Capable of granting intelligence to something that would not normally be alive.   This practice is looked down on by many, who see it as an abuse of power that no mortal should wield. This does occasionally occur naturally however, creating monstrosities of nature.


Areas heavy with life can give people a warm, happy sensation, and slightly inspire growth.

Metaphysical, Arcane

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