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Transmission & Vectors

The Touch of Flame is passed to an unborn child through heavy exposure to Flame Magic. Often it is a case of the mother being exposed to strong latent magic, although a family history of Flameweavers can make more likely for a creature to be born Flameborn.


Being considered Flameborn is when the Flame Magic contained within one is too powerful to be contained without their blood, and starts to spill out and contaminate the rest of their body.


Physical Symptoms

The most immediate signs of a Flameborn child is the deep ruby skin and hair that blazes with their newborn cries. The latter dims to a dull burnt orange as they calm, but will reignite whenever they experience strong emotion. Their eyes, regardless of parentage, range from amber to crimson, and their internal body temperature is significantly hotter than a normal member of their species.   The internal heat is noticeable when touched: one will always seem feverish to another of their own species, and when their hair blazes at its strongest it is akin to an actual fire. Their skin also exhibits a resistance to flames, and Flameborn creatures can, unharmed, withstand levels of heat that would injure a normal member of their species.  

Mental Symptoms

More so than others, anger can cloud the judgement of Flameborn creatures. As their flaming hair burns along with their emotions, it is easy to tell when one is experiencing strong emotion of any kind.  

Arcane Symptoms

Carrying Flame Magic throughout their body, a Flameborn creature acts as a Focus of Flame, and is a Blooded Spellweaver. As such, their thoughts and emotions are capable of exciting the magic surrounding them to life.   Due to the nature of Flame Magic, unpractised Flameweavers are among the most dangerous, and most evident. Infernos and explosions are difficult to hide, and will attract attention from those who seek to control Spellweavers and keep people safe from them.


There is no treatment for being Flameborn.


Being Flameborn is something stays with a creature for life, with no cure. Despite its lack of a cure however, the condition has only one stage and never worsens: the symptoms are exactly the same at birth as they are age thirty.

Cultural Reception

The common person reacts to a Flameborn child with fear. It is commonly recommended by midwives to abandon an afflicted newborn. Those whose parents keep them are met with apprehension as they grow, and are typically kept away from the outside world, else they get reported to the Seraphim or similar organisation.

Chronic, Congenital
Extremely Rare

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