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Flame Magic

Fierce, heated, and blazing, the Aspect of Flame has powers over fire and hearth. Flameweavers make use of it to provide warmth and summon great infernos.  

Fire Manipulation

The most renowned form of Flameweaving, Fire Manipulation is simply the act of moving fire. It requires an active flame to control, and the size of the flame remains constant.   The simplest form of Flameweaving, Flame Manipulation is taught first to aspiring Flameweavers, and only once it is mastered are they trained further.  

Temperature Increasing

Warming without fire is possible, as Flame Magic has the power to simply increase the thermal energy in a location, giving warmth. This can be used in multiple ways, such as bringing heat to a cold room, melting something frozen, or creating flame itself.   While the temperature can be increased, the Aspect of Flame cannot be used to decrease it, and as such a Flameweaver cannot reverse their magic without practice of another Aspect.  

Fire Conjuration

Creating fire from the very air is achievable through the weaving of Flame Magic. Attained by superheating the air to the point of combustion, bursts of flame can be created and subsequently manipulated.   While varying in strength from cast to cast, these flames will not survive long without further fuel, and quickly fade away unless they set something alight.


Areas with heavy Flame Magic usually have an increased temperature and flames burn with greater intensity.

Metaphysical, Arcane

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