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Earth Magic

Controlled, strong, and unmoving, the Aspect of Earth has powers over ground and stone. Earthweavers make use of it to manipulate the land around them and mould it to their liking.  

Earth Manipulation

Stone, earth and metal can be shaped by an Earthweaver, moulded into any form. Whether creating pillars or tearing down walls, the earth is like clay, ready to be move to the Earthweaver’s will.   The stronger a material, the greater magic needs to be channelled to move it, making using it on metal expensive and exerting, but the effects can be truly spectacular. Entire villages can be built by a single Earthweaver, or torn asunder.  


Earth Magic can be used to reshape objects, moving the internal material to what is deemed greater. This can not increase the mass of the object, and must only use what is contained within.   Commonly used to reshape stones into tools or weapons, this aspect of Earthweaving is important to many. Greater manipulation requires greater skill and more magic channelled into the task.  

Protective Shields

Unmoving, the Aspect of Earth can create shields, rooting one to the earth as they are protected from any outside influence. Be this a full suit of armour, or a simple defensive aegis, Earthweavers can protect any from harm.   Like most Earth Magic, the effects of this are permanent, and in order for the bulwark to move or retract, the Earthweaver must weave it into place. For this reason, many choose to stay stationary, safeguarded behind their stubborn defences.


Earth magic is near undetectable, showing no signs of manifestation.

Metaphysical, Arcane

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