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Death Magic

Draining, withering, and cold, the Aspect of Death has powers over destruction and stagnation. Deathweavers make use of it to siphon life and bring an end to beings.  

Temperature Decreasing

The chill of the grave lies in all Death Magic. Deathweavers have the ability to still the energy surrounding them, reducing the temperature and chilling all.   Freezing water, blood, or wine, the only limit to how cold one makes it is the Death Magic channelled into it. While the temperature can be decreased, it is impossible to reverse it with Death Magic alone, and in order to excite heat back, the Aspect of Flame is required.  

Draining Life

Renowned to the Aspect of Death is its ability to drain vigour and vitality from any living being. Depending on strength of cast, the effects can vary from simply draining energy from and tiring the target to drawing all life from them, marking their end.   With greater training, Deathweavers can focus this power on more specific parts of a being. This can lead to them crippling a part of a being’s body permanently.  

Speaking with Souls

Souls, spirits of the dead, can be communicated with through Death Magic. Taking an incorporeal, shapeless form, these souls can speak with the living, answering any unanswered questions and granting peace to the living.   While the process of summoning a soul is relatively easy, summoning the right one is the challenge. As a soul is shapeless, it is indifferent from any other, and impossible to tel them apart, or work out who is who.


When Death Magic hangs in the air, there is an unnatural chill to it.

Metaphysical, Arcane

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