Stenari M Roundabout

The most reliable luxury vehicle on the market

Drive in Luxury!

  The Stenari M Roundabout, commonly called the Stenari Steamer, was first built in 3502 by Stenari Motor Carriage Company and is the premier luxury vehicle for the discerning customer. Propelled by a marvelous miniaturized steam engine, this two-seater horseless carriage can take you anywhere you want to go, in style. You will be the envy of the city as you tour the streets and even the countryside in grace and ease.   The Stenari Steamer is noted for its exceptional safety features, and is famed for never having had an engine explode, a claim not one of the Stenari Motor Carriage Company's competitors can make. Numerous safety valves channel the steam safely away from the passengers, and the engine is built with more failsafes than the palace itself. Even if every single one of our valves somehow failed - which has never happened on the road - the engine is specifically designed so that certain joints will rupture before the engine chassis, venting pressure and dousing the flames beneath the boiler.   Add-ons to improve your experience and make customization a breeze are available from any Company store, or from one of our certified third-party sellers.   The Steamer's ingenious crank-based starter makes it easier to get the engine up and going, and our engineers are hard at work on exciting new developments to make the Stenari Steamer experience ever smoother.   Come on down to one of our certified showrooms today, for a smooth ride to carry you onwards into tomorrow!

Power Generation

20HP twin-cylinder steam engine, mounted beneath the seat
-   Image part of the public domain, credit Jagvar
The Stenari Steamer is also sometimes called the Flying Teapot, for its great speed, though that appellation is more commonly applied to the Stenari R Racer, a slightly later model designed specifically for racing.   The Steamer has no transmission, clutch, or driveshaft. Instead, a chain directly transmits the drive from the crankshaft to a rear-mounted differential, as is typical of many steam cars. Add-ons are available initially from third-party sellers and increasingly from the Stanley Motor Carriage Company itself. Popular add-ons include condensers, lubricators, and a variety of devices to make turning the crank to start the car easier on the customer.   The car does have a laborious starting process, needing to be cranked to ignite the boiler fire, a design flaw the Company is in the process of addressing.
Stenari Steamer
Precision, Grace, and Power
5,000 Veshiri crowns (equivalent to $200,000 USD in today's dollars)
Only 50 exist in the world
Wheelbase 100 inches, Total length 134 inches
1,200-1,650 pounds
Complement / Crew
One driver
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
Two-seater car, with a rear luggage rack fitting a single trunk


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Constance Watson
3 Jul, 2018 14:47

Oh that looks like it would be fun to drive! And the engine would never explode? Cool!

3 Jul, 2018 14:52

Thanks! Your engine not exploding is a very important design feature, definitely

3 Jul, 2018 15:17

I love that picture, it definitely sets the tone. I love the feel of the article, feels like a car advert, which is perfect!

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3 Jul, 2018 15:21

That's a classic as hell car! You could definitely ride in style on that!

3 Jul, 2018 15:22

That's some fine drivin' right there. Love the picture, and all considering the cost ain't too bad! Well done.

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