Lokmei, Location

The subcontinent of Lokmei is largely cut off from the outside world, due to a tall range of mountains that runs along its southwest border.


The sub-continent is 2,584 miles long and 1,933 miles wide, with the length measured from the southwest to the northeast, and the width measured from the northwest to the southeast. The Duakeo Mountains, the tallest range in the world, stretch across much of its southwestern border. Narrow passes between the mountains and the sea are desert to the southern side and marsh to the northern side, making it difficult to bypass even there.   Plateaus and low hills rise along the spine of Lokmei, making it at times easier to go around the long coast than cross the sub-continent's center.   The sub-continent's biome ranges from equatorial at the northernmost point to alpine forest and tundra in the heights of the mountains.

Natural Resources

The sub-continent has a tremendous amount of fresh water available, in the form of its enormous rivers and deep groundwater reserves. The soil is incredibly fertile, with 67% of land arable.   The mountains have significant deposits of coal, gold, diamonds, iron, and limestone.   32% of Lokmei's geographic area consists of forests, much of it in wet areas, enabling rapid growth of forest farms. The natives manage the forests carefully, permitting only the occasional thinning. The majority of lumber comes from a series of forest farms, with trees carefully bred for their exceptional qualities for firewood, construction, paper, gum, spices, herbs, or drugs.   Lokmei's extensive waterways and high biodiversity make for a long and economically significant tradition of fishing and aquaculture. Certain of Lokmei's fish are considered exotic in interplanetary markets, often fetching high prices.
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