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The Skylord is a huge silver statue resting against the tallest of the Hoon Hills in a seated position, it is impossible to interact with most of the statue since an energy field propels those who make the attempt away from it with harmful rapidity. However there is a small hole near the behemoth's right foot where an intrepid person can enter the cramped metallic interior.   For many years a village of misshapen beast-men occupied a village at the feet of the Skylord, holding year festivals where a champion would prove their faith by entering the Skylord. Unfortunately the village and everyone in it was melted/destroyed when Copper triggered a firing mechanism in the Skylord's shoulders, reducing the surrounding area to melted slag and bones.

Purpose / Function

Originally the Skylord was a huge mechanism used during an ancient war, when it's pilot was dying it crashed near the Hoon Hills.

Monument / Statue, Large
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