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Session 3: Hoon Hills - Skylord's Lament

General Summary

Having camped in the wilderness the group is informed by their hired guards upon waking that a large, strange looking bird was seen high in the sky during the early morning but--since it did not seem to pose any real threat--the guards didn't bother waking our heroes. After some discussion they push on towards the silver shimmer that they spotted in the moonlight on the previous evening and are startled to see a huge silver behemoth the size of a mountain sat leaning against the far side of the tallest hill. A small village nestles between the feet of the behemoth, strange misshapen and animalistic villagers seem to be holding some sort of ceremony or celebration.   Moving closer they witness a muscular man who has returned triumphant from the domain of the Skylord bringing a treasure back with him, the treasure turns out to be a silver box filled with a viscous black oil, it is referred to as the blood of the Skylord by the withered old man who appears to be leading the ceremony, dabbing small amounts onto the foreheads of the cheering villagers. At this point the heroes are spotted, their appearance seems to frighten the villagers who flee to their homes screaming about the Pure, only the village elder remains to oppose them, his wooden staff shaking with fear.   Semsen easily disarms the frightened old man and assured him that they are not the Pure, from their discussion it seems the Pure are raiders who roam the land in a Sky City taking food, killer people and enslaving others as the whim takes them.   After some persuading they get the village elder to explain that the Skylord once fought in a huge battle, long ago to protect his people and lay down when his work was done, he will rise again if ever truly needed. Once a year a chosen champion ventures into the Skylord and--if their faith is true--they return with wonders for the shrine, otherwise they are tested by the Skylord's many-limbed servitors. The elder shows the heroes a large junk-pile inside one of the huts that he claims to be their shrine, even allowing Wilaver to look at a strange green crystalline blade embedding in the pile, although he refuses to allow them to enter the hut or to bring any of the treasures outside.   There are strange knocking noises from in the silver behemoth however--when Semsen puts his ear to it to listen--a field of energy propels him high into the air and some distance away, the Stygian priest falls broken to the ground and is only saved by an ignominious death by the quick thinking and bandages of Silus. Semsen is further healed when the old man produces a strange carton containing a fruity liquid known as the Elixir of the Skylord and gives it to the injured priest, the old man explains that it is forbidden to interfere with the Skylord save by entering via a hole in his right foot.   After some discussion the group enter the interior of the statue, they encounter many strange metal spider creatures who seem to be the servitors referred to by the village elder, one of which seems obsessed with picking up random objects and gluing them to the walls and another who mistakes Wilaver for a mop and attempts to clean the floor with him.   Eventually they make their way through the bowels of the Skylord up to it's head and find the corpse of a strange creature sitting near an instrument panel containing six buttons, Copper begins to press them, this results in another Nectar Carton being revealed and also the corpse and chair being ejected through an opening that appears in the Skylord's head. Most startling however is when the final button is pressed and loud explosions are heard from outside.   Some time later the group back-tracks through the statues body and emerges to find the village, it's inhabitants and their hirelings who were left outside have all been destroyed and melted by a salvo of cannon-fire that they seem to have triggered from the Skylord, rooting through the debris of the shrine Wilaver finds and takes the crystal sword from earlier. Realising that there's nothing more they can do the group decide to make camp and then push on towards Hoon Castle and the lair of the Dark Eye.

Report Date
13 Feb 2019
Primary Location

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