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Session 2: Stop Thief!

Written by Red Dice Diaries

General Summary

Having been robbed after sleeping on the street following their last adventure Silus pours out his woes to Copper and his other friends over a drink in the local tavern, resolving to do something about it they decide to track down the thieves and recover the forlorn warrior's gear.   Whilst they move around The Last City putting up posters promising a reward in Thieves Cant, Wilaver decides that they should visit an apothecary to see if they can stock up on any useful items. They soon locate a small shop called Oba's Apothecarion run by a Stygian named Oba. After some discussions, they discover that a member of the Dark Eye purchased four doses of Blue Lotus Poison from the apothecary a few days earlier, it is a potent knock-out drug that is quite rare due to the difficulties of procuring the ingredient from the Serpent Glade.   Oba explains that 20 flower heads are needed to make one dose of the poison and that they must be handled extremely delicately, he offers the party 15GP per 20 flower heads if they can retrieve some for him. Wilaver tells the Stygian that they'll look into it and buys the apothecaries last two doses of the poison.   Continuing to ask around they speak to a vagrant by the name of Skotir, a homeless Norlander who was once a renowned blacksmith before his eyes and strength failed him. The group (particularly Semsen) are kind to Skotir and he tells them that he has heard the distinctive laugh of the Dark Eye thieves in the Hungry Hound tavern. As a thanks for their donations, Skotir attempts to give Semsen a small religious icon of a hammer, but the Stygian gently refusing saying the old man needs it more.   Arriving at the Hungry Hound, a tavern consisting of a large marquis-style tent Copper heads in to scout the place out, talking to Ulric Svarsson the owner and his bar-women Dior-Bhail. The group track the thieves down to a secluded booth at the back of the tent and are able to sneak a look in, noticing that all but one of the thieves present is veiled by concealing robes and that they appear to be hyena or dog-men, the thieves are finishing their drinks and discussing taking their cart (which is parked around the back) to their base in the Hoon Hills.   Acting quickly the heroes head around to the back of the tavern and dose the two hyena-men guarding the cart with Blue Lotus Poison, with the dog-men asleep Silus recovers his gear and some other purloined items. Wilaver takes the cart--along with it's sleeping passengers--and ditches it in an alleyway.   Meeting in their lodging at the Gilded Carrot the heroes decide to pay a visit to the Dark Eye's lair.   Heade out into the wilderness beyond the city, Semsen hires some guards and they are making good time when a blood soaked man runs towards them from the nearby wilds, he is raving about a forest being bigger on the inside and changing people. When the man gets closer he undergoes a lycanthropic transformation into a horrifying wolfman, luckily the heroes are able to dispatch him before any serious injury can be done and decide to camp in the wilds--pressing on in the morning--rather than return to the city.
Report Date
25 Jan 2019
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