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Session 1: Leaving the City

General Summary

The weather was heavy and stormy, the ground hard with the frosts of winter as a small group set out from the Last City . The party has heard all sorts of rumours about the dangers of the Orcsblood Forest to the north and so headed east for to the Darkling Hills .   Semsen had heard a rumour that a sect of religious worshippers made their home in the Silver Peaks to the north. According to rumour they spent their time studying the stars and charting the movements of celestial bodies.   After travelling for about six miles—leaving behind the scattered trees clinging to the hills—they moved into the Darkling Hills proper, discovering numerous caves and various small animals.   Copper spotted smoke from over a rise and—sneaking nearer—he discovered a campfire, where a man was roasting a huge wolf and busily removing it’s pelt. Semsen attempted to approach but startled the man, who threw a dagger at him.   Eventually cooler heads prevailed and the man introduced himself as Yohan, a man who made his money by hunting outside the city walls and then trading his goods back in the city, he offered them food and spots by his fire as recompense for his hasty actions earlier.   As they rested Copper heard something moving through the undergrowth towards them and spotted three more of the huge wolves circling them, creeping through the brush. One of the creatures leapt at Semsen, injuring him, whilst the rest of his comrades and Yohan rushed to drive them away.   During the bloody conflict, three of the peasants (Anastasia, Eli and Robert) that Semsen had hired to accompany him were torn to pieces by the wolves and—as the second wolf joined the fray—Yohan was also felled. Eventually they were able to kill the two wolves and drive off the third, although the price paid had been steep.   Searching the area they skinned the two wolves and took the pelt from the one Yohan hand skinned (after all he’d told them he got 10GP per skin back at the city), they also found four small gemstones in a pouch on Yohan’s belt. Copper reckoned that each would be worth about 50GP back at the Last City .   Returning to the city most of the group used a small amount of their money to book themselves meagre lodgings, whilst Semsen stayed at the local shrine of Sutekh. Unwilling to spend the money Silus slept on the streets where he was accosted a robbed by a group of thieves, leaving him with only his armour; he told Copper about this as his comrade commiserated over a few drinks and they began to formulate a plan to track down the thieves.
Report Date
12 Feb 2019
Primary Location
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