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Pinevalley Village

Pinevalley Village is a small snowy village in the north nesteled at the bottom of a valley between large mountains. It is a cold and harsh place to live where only the strong and durable can last. This village sits on the major trade route to the other northern villages and cities. However, during the winter, there is a 30 day period where the snow becomes so thick that it prevents any trade or travel in or out of the village. During this period there is also no sunlight


The demographics of this village mostly make up of human and halfling with some smaller population of dwarf and gnomes. This village is mostly a blue collar working village meaning that it is made of mostly lower middle class people. Many of the jobs and proffesions that make up this area are Hunting, woodworking, ale brewing, Wagon building and Hospitality for the occasional visitor.


With this village being the rough and tumble village that it is, there are not many specific laws in place as the village tries to keep the people independent and away from oppression as they can. However, there are still the typical no murder and stealing laws. A baron or mayor is in charge of the village and has some guards that help keep the peace.

Industry & Trade

The major part of trade for the settlement is hospitality as they house those travelers venturing further into the north. They also excel in fur trading for wolf pelts as theyre is a healthy population of wolves in the surrounding forest.


There is one major road that goes through the center of the town where most of the trade route people traverse through. There is a small town square in the heart of the town that is surrounded by the commercial buildings of the town. There is an old rickety wooden windmill on the eastern part of town


The stores that populate the town are a Inn and Tavern in the town square, smithy, horse stables, woodworking shop, and a leathersmith

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