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Third Horizon, Ghodar and other places Coriolis RPG campaigns

CC 61, segment of the Deckhand

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This is the Third Horizon from Free League's Coriolis. A lot of its worlds are open for the GM to develop and for my first campaign I've chosen the Ghodar system.   My players' characters are all mystics and humanites - some brutally obviously so - and as such, border space, where it's all a little bit more Wild West, seemed a safer playground than Coriolis Station. On Ghodar they won't have to spend so much time in hiding from the authorities... depending on what they get up to of course...   On my use of World Anvil: I'm not really using it "correctly" but that's on purpose; I'm not so much creating a world in it to generate plots and characaters from, but rather using it as an in-session tool to quickly access information. 90% of it is therefore private - plot and game planning - and what is visible has a trial layout to help quick access. I'll happily take suggestions on how to do it better though.