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Spirit forge

The Spirit forge's smiths are specialised in imbuing high-quality metal weapons and armour with magic. Their skill and quality have earned them the official endorsement of the royal family, making them the official supplier of equipment for the king's personal guards.
The shop usually makes magic weapons and armour themselves from scratch to ensure maximum stability and efficiency. However, it is possible to have your personal (normal) weapons enchanted at a lower price. As the enchantment is laid on top later these will always be less effective than those who were forged with the intention of enchantment from the start.  


The Spirit forged is Co-owned by Francheska Balisticweld and Mindia Vurendi Kaportu Wutren Opalis Turante Hutske ..... Korista Mi-nen. Francheska is the one to man the forge and makes sure they deliver the quality that is expected of them. Mindia, meanwhile, mans the shop counter in front and makes the new and custom designs.
Craftsman, Blacksmith / Smithy

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