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Once a seat of Elven nobility Ulurin is now nothing more than ruins, destroyed in the Second Coalition war by Tomb Born Legion.

Purpose / Function

Home to the Elven Princip Rychell During the age of the Grand Empire, Ulurin was a testimony of Elven power and beauty. From this palace Rychell could administer his realm with ease while simultaneously showing his considerable wealth off to his human subjects.


While it stood, Ulurin had many renovations made to it. Continuously being made larger and more ornate with each passing decade. To do this however Rychell had to over burden his local workforce resulting in the local people seeing the palace as a symbol of Greed and tyranny. One of the more notable additions to the palace was the great statue of Seldanna made of solid marble with intricate inlays of gold and gemstone, the statue was placed so that it could be seen from outside the palace walls and during the sunset it would glow brightly.


The palace stood across two small islands which could only be accessed by use of a magic glyph that was controlled by the Court mage. The main keep sat upon the slightly larger island and was made mostly of marble. It was connected to the other part of the palace by a high standing bridge along which was attached a number of small outings which served as quarters for the ever growing number of servants. These unlike the rest of the palace were made of wood.



Ulurin began construction during the beginnings of the Old Realm, around 4 thousand years ago. However back then it was but a small fort off the Kadure coast. It was only during the reign of Rychell's great grandfather that it became the grand palace it was known as.
The renovation form keep to palace took almost 80 years to complete and drained most of the marble deposits in the surrounding region, which caused great unrest among the populace who used marble in a number of communal construction. However with a bit of money spent wisely the local population quickly quietened down, and the palace stood strong for 1000 years all the way up to the collapse of the empire.
This was when Rychell ruled and unlike his forefather he was not as gifted in dealing with unrest. So when the war between men and elves broke out which would result in the collapse of the once grand Empire of Sothur, the local peasants quickly turned their back on their lord and revealed the hidden tunnel which lead to the base of the palace walls to the human forces.
The palace was overrun early on during the war before any real organised armies could be mustered. the attack was made by the Tomb Born Legion; an elite band of human warriors who were known for their ruthless actions. At the outbreak of the war they had been stationed just north of Ulurin, so quickly made their way in hope of catching the Elven Princip in order to end the war quickly. They happily followed the path the locals showed them and quickly made their way into the palace under the cover of night. Just as day began to break they stormed the palace killing any elf they saw and setting ablaze the palace. However Rychell was not there as he had left a few day prior in order to help muster forces more defend-able southern regions. Furious the Tomb Born began tearing down the palace from the inside leaving nothing but rubble and body of the fallen.

300 BHR
Alternative Names
The White Castle

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