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The Imperial Crown

Lost during a battle during the final days of the Old Empire, the Imperial crown was the symbol of the Emperor's power. None could question the legitimacy of the one who wore it, as such the crown is still sought after to this day.
Imperial Crown

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The Crown was enchanted to give its wearer supernatural abilities. It granted its wearer great strength and allowed them to summon a number of spectral warrior to aid in battle. Accounts also speak of the crown allowing the wearer to read the minds of those around them. This is made possible by the Eve Stones that were placed inside of it.
Some Scolars believe it was the earliest example of a Conduit as no extra arcane power was needed in order for the magic to be utilized.


The crown symbolized the emperor of the Old Realm's right to rule. And any who possessed it held dominion over all the Empire's subjects. With the collapse of the Sothur Empire the crown was lost and has yet to be found, but who ever does manage the feat will be able to revive the empire under their rule allowing them to claim all of Sotin as their own.

Item type
Unique Artifact
The Grand Empire of Sothur
5 lbs
Base Price
Raw materials & Components
The Crown is made from a mixture of Cold Iron and Eve Stones dust, making it unique as the secrets to this alloy has been lost to time. There are also small Eve Stones placed inside the heads of each of the dragons that adorn the crown representing the 5 Races that made up the empire.

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