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The Grand Empire of Sothur

Once a mighty civilization that ruled over all of Sothur and large swathes of the Farlands, the Empire of Sotin is now no more than a forgotten realm considered myth by many.


The Grand Empire was governed over by a number of bodies. At the top stood the Emperor who was chosen from the royal house. The Emperor would assign two Princips to rule as representatives over the northern and southern half of Sotin,with one often being of Elven decent and one of Human Decent. The Dwarven clans would then elect a representative called the Rune Lord who would then over see the mountains. Each of these representatives would bring the will of the Emperor to their given domain.
Below these representatives are a number of barons and governors who ruled over the individual provinces and settlements across the island. These lords and ladies made up what was called the Grand Council, this body acted much like a rudimentary parliament, where decisions that would affect the day to day running of the empire where made. It was also the body that resolved any conflicts between different lord without the need for war. This gave each lord a large amount of autonomy within the empire with each one ruling what could effectively described as an independent state, however every single member of the empire had to supply the Emperor with tithes and in return they received protection.

Public Agenda

The Empire was built to hold back the forces of Chaos and Ruin that sought to destroy the Old Races of Thessia. In order to do so it united all he free realms together to create a united front.


The History of The Empire is mostly unknown as after its sudden disappearance thousands of year ago many of its records were lost however many legends exist of its fall. The one told in the lands of Haelia is that after the last Emperor sealed the gates to the demon plains, the Old Races turned on humanity tearing the kingdom in two. After decades of conflict the Human faction finally was defeated with the last human settlements being destroyed. With this it was thought humans were lost to the world.
Geopolitical, Empire
Alternative Names
The Old Realm
The Great Kingdom
The first human kingdom
The Empire
Manufactured Items
Related Myths

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