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Created by: Momococa
Consultation made with:Dev

Sotin is a large island off the coast of the [Farlands] and is home to the newly emerged Human kingdom of [Haelia], and their sworn enemies the [Deviilen Coalition]. Long forgotten by the [Old Races] of Thessia, Sotin has hidden its inhabitants for thousands of years. However one day the Old Races will once again cross the [Dreaded Straits] and humanity will once again have to fight tooth and nail for its survival


From the frozen Fjords in the north to the vast [Forest of Jalure] in the south Sotin can easily be considered a inhospitable place, and as such very few ever made the journey to the island before it became too dangerous to cross the now [Dreaded Straits], and with its thousands of years of isolation many on the outside consider it a land devoid of life and civilization.
by momococa

The Frotntier

The northern regions of Sotin are a cold and unforgiving. With long frozen winters and the foreboding slopes of the Thousand Spines, the Frontier is considered uninhabitable by most. However some have braved these glacial lands and call it their home. The Provinces of the Frontier are sparsely populated and are often filled with hostile abominations, they are:

  • [Frost Glade]
  • [Gelia]
  • [Thousand Spines]

The Highlands

South of the Thousand Spines and west of the Shatter Peaks the Highlands are the heartlands of the Haelian Kingdom. having been the birth place of the Human Resurgence, the Highlands is a region of great religious importance containing many important pilgrimage sites. The Highlands contains a number of provinces stretching from the [Telekeni Sea] to the west right up to the slopes of the shatter peaks, they are:

  • [Ember Isle]
  • [Hellis]
  • [The steppe]
  • [Kadure]

The Easterlands

Across the shatter Peaks lies the other half of the Kingdom of Haelia. These lands are colder than those westward but are richer in minerals and wildlife, with many believing it to be one of the locations the saint [Cecilia] traveled to on her pilgrimage many thousands of years ago. The Easterlands are devided into two provinces:

  • [Eastwood]
  • [Tagalin]

The Lowlands

South of the Thousand peaks lies the territories of the Coalition. Mostly covered in the thick foliage of the forest of Jalure and the southern coast a boggy marsh land, the lowlands are perfect for their Elven inhabitants not so much for their Dwarven allies. The Pronvinces of the Lowlands are as follows:

  • [Queen's isle]
  • [Deep wood]
  • [The Great Glades]
  • [Crownlands]
  • [Isle of Blades]

Flora & Fauna

Sotin is home to a great diversity of fauna and flora due to its untouched state and isolated nature much of this wildlife is unique to the island. And with any land which has been touched by the gods the life that has been birthed here is both wondrous and terrifying  

Notable Fauna

Notable Flora

Natural Resources

Sotins wealth of natural resources are centered around three main locations:
In the Mountains of the Thousand Spines and Shatter Peaks lays most of Sotin's mineral wealth with vast mining networks being built over the decades. Along with the standard metals like Iron and copper, large amount of gold can be found along with the much coveted Eve Stones , a necessary component in enchanting arms and armour.
Throughout the mighty Forest of Jalure one can find numerous plants of great alchemical worth, along with rare wildlife whose parts are often used in important rituals and potion creation. The forest are also supply a near endless amount of high grade timber used in all manner of construction and craft.
Finally from plains of the highland comes the numerous crops that feed the ever expanding population of men. While the Coalition do partake in farming they are much more reliant on the forest and sea to provide them with sustenance.


  • Map of Sotin

    The forgotten island of Sotin

Major Factions:
  • [Haelia]
  • [Deviilen Coalition]

Major Regions:
  • [The Frontier]
  • [The Highlands]
  • [The Easterlands]
  • [The Lowlands]
Included Locations
Included Organizations
Related Myths
  • Humans - 38%
  • Elves - 35%
  • Dwarves - 15%
  • Halfling - 7%
  • Other - 5%

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