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Located on the coast of the Telekeni sea Scarbour is one of the wealthiest cities in Sotin. However this is not due to trade or commerce, as trade between Humans and the other races is almost non existent. The city instead has created in wealth through the trading of plundered goods which it sells to the other provinces in Haelia.
The city is well known for the privateers (Sea Scarbour Privateers) that frequent its ports, these ravagers of the seas are paid by the city to raid the elven coasts in the south and bring back good, with the privateers being allowed to keep a portion of the plunder to themselves.


Citizen population

Human (Thaumen) ~ 6000
Human (Delurin) ~ 2000
Human (Sherith) ~ 1000

Servant population

Elves ~ 4000
Dwarves(Charwood) ~900
Ratfolk (Storm Born)~100


subterranean ratfolk ~ unknown, estimations of ~5000


Unlike most of Haelia's cities Scarbour is run under three separate parties. There is the Blackrock Family who hold the title of Protaer, The Patrician Council and the Storm Prince. Each group controls certain aspects of the city:


the Protaer of Scarbour maintains order in the city and is reposible for both the city's guards and its garrison. they are also responsible for the creation of new laws however the Protaer often just signs laws in written by the Patricians. Finally the Protaer is required to organise the major festivals as well as manage the taxation of the surrounding villages.

Patrician Council

The councils main role is to overlook the day to day running of the city. They spend most of their time discussing laws and regulations to present to the Protaer for approval. However unlike most cities the council of Scarbour is not responsible for the overseeing of religious practices.

Storm Prince

Due to the city's strong connection to the ratfolk saint of Conthul, Scremat one of the Storm Born are chosen to become the Storm Prince. The individual is then responsible for running the privateer fleet as well as managing the grand Temple of Brine.


Scarbour has a few notable additions that make it stand out from other cities of its size. Firstly is the aqueduct which brings in water from the nearby Scalic River, this large stone structure provides almost all of the city's water which is stored under the Gilded Tower and then distributed to the various wells around the city by a series of undergrounds pipes. the aqueduct also provides water for the city's sewers which flow into the the Deep Bog which is home to the rat folk city of Skensk.
The city also boasts a grand plaza at its centre, and it is here that most of the goods from the docks are bought and sold. Overlooking the plaza is the Temple of Brine, an ancient place of worship which existed before the city was ever founded.
In the south of the city are the docklands, here ship deliver their plunder and goods which are then stored in the various warehouses that dot the south edges of the city.


Notable Stores:


  • Map of Scarbour

    The grand city of Kadure

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