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The Dialect spoken in the Kadure province Scar-slang is mostly used to convey insults at others. The dialect originated in the slums that surround [Scarbour], and has quckly spread across the entire province, with many in the other province looking down on its use. Its use however is incredible useful in identifying those from the region and deals have been known to be made over recognition of the language.
A sub set of Scar-Slang called Scalben is spoken by the shadier citizens of Kadure is kept a closley guarded secret, and while Scalben does not have any phrases not found in Scar-slang, it possesses a number of symbol which are used to communicate dealings and plans under the nose of the local guards. One of the only known symbols is the Death Mark which is placed outside residences that have been targeted by the underground of the city, once marked one does not have long before their life is ended.

Geographical Distribution

The first useage of the language started about 2 decades after the [2nd Coalition war] and over the next decade become prominent across Kadure. However it struggled to spread further as many consider the dialect nonsensical. However its use can be found among the merchants to travel Haelia who often spend long periods of time in the city of Scarbour where they inevitably pick up its usage.

Death Mark
Death Mark
Common Phrases
Elski - A Derogatory word used to describe Elves taken from their word for Warrior
Scune-Born - A coward
Rat-ska - A Traitor to humans, to be branded this is akin to being called a murderer
Gillon - Some one who is incredible stupid
Jessock - A suck up or weak willed individual
Scarti - Companion or Trusted Individual
KaiderTop - A self important person
Gullok - A very strong but very naive person

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