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I was there when it happened. When Aknur was slain. He had stayed behind to protect us from those foul demons but we knew there was no hope. He had always been the bravest of us, always the one to stand for what he believed in and those he cared about. We often joked that he must be immortal due to him never seeming to sustain injuries during a fight, but he was very mortal that day, the lood that ran from those wounds was the blood of mortals.
That's when it happened. A great explosion of light burst from where he fell and when it faded we saw him standing once more, however he was no longer mortal like us, white blood flowed from his wounds and fire danced along his back like a pair of wings. He had been bleesed by the Great Warrior and had become a saint. Saint Ashgur the Iron willed
— Betmoth



The qualification of the saints is difficult to pin as each god will require different things in order to bless an individual. For example Jehan one of the Saints of Methys gain his blessing after he sacrificed his own life in order to destroy a lich, in doing so he freed thousands of trap souls allowing them to finally pass on.

Other Benefits

Those that gain Sainthood are granted the upmost respect and can expect good treatment from all regardless of what they were before their accession. Many will give gift to the Saints are dispensation and churches may even form in their names which help spread their word to the wider world.



Saints are raised in order to bring the power of the gods to the mortal realm. They can call upon power from their patron in order to produce expeditionary feats. They also act as intermediaries setting up new churches and order in order to bolster support for their given god.

Social Status

Saints are held above all others in society. Those that speak badly of the saints are often considered deranged. The rare exception to this being when followers of a saint criticize another saint of the same god. This kind of rivalry is prevalent between same patron saints and especially their follow. However it must be noted that respect is still shown.

Alternative Names
The Blessed,The Chosen, Half Bloods

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