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Keralix the red scaled

Among the citizens of Scarbour there is a legend of a pirate so fearsome eve the beasts of the sea do no mess with him. His name is Keralix the red scaled.
...And from the mist came that demon's ship, twice the size of any ship that sails these seas, and at its bow he stood looking down at us like a cat watches a mouse...
— Captain Terilen of the ElmShrew


Those the travel the Telekeni sea must make sure they pay respect to the law of the sea. For those that don't will be hunted by a monster far more dangerous than anything from the deep abyss below; Keralix the Red scaled.
Said to be a vengeful spirit from the Old Realm, Keralix prowls the elekeni in search of those that wronged him all those years ago.
The story goes that one day while on an exploration westward, Keralix's ship came across a ship that had been set upon by pirates. Being a believer in the laws of the sea, he decided to help them, however this was a trap a soon many ships began to appear from a near by fog bank. Keralix was unable to fend them off and his ship, the Basilisk was sunk, but not before he swore vengeance against all those who wronged him, and to this day he hunts those that disrespect the law of the seas.

Historical Basis

During the civil war and subsequent collapse of the Empire, much of its history was lost in the mist of time, and while it was known that the Basilisk was lost during the waning days of the Empire, what truly happened to it on its journey westward is unknown.


The Legend of the Basilisk and its scaly captain are prominent in the Kadure province but does not spread much beyond it.

Variations & Mutation

Some versions of the story tell of Captain Keralix being cursed by a sea witch to sail the seas for eternity after he refused to wed her while he was stranded on a desert island.

Cultural Reception

For those that travel the water of the Telekini seas the legend of Keralix is not to be taken lightly as many a ship has disappeared in the western reaches, however those that live with the feet firmly on the ground don't often treat the legend as the privateers cover up to their infighting.

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