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Ice Rot

Once infected a victim of Ice Rot only has a couple weeks before they become a Frost Ghoul, a foul undead creature that feasts on the living.

Transmission & Vectors

Victims of Ice Rot contract the condition from contact with Frost Ghouls. To contract the disease the victim must be first weakened by the ghoul, after which the ghoul may stab the victim with a shard of its cursed iced, beginning the end of the victim.


When the shard of Ghoul Ice is inserted into the body it activates a curse put on it from ancient times. This then leads the victim dieing


The first signs of Ice Rot are drowsiness/fatigue, which is quickly followed by a intense feeling of cold. Other sign include: Aggression, irises turning blue, degradation of flesh, formation of ice on the body (Originating from point of infection), and fear of fire.


Only two known treatments are known for Ice Rot. Firstly is to seek the aid of a powerful cleric who can call upon the domain of fire, they would then need to cast a ritual on the victim in order to rid them of the parasitic ice. However this must be done before the victim begins to become coated in ice. If this occurs any iced portions of the body must be removed first. The Second option can only be done with a few hours of infection, and that is to cover the wound with Blaze Dust however this can cause issues of its own.


The normal course that Ice Rot follows is to cause the victim to become fatigued about a day after the ice was transmitted. After this the victim will begin to show physical signs, such as the whitening and subsequent lose of hair along with the irises becoming bluer. After this the skin begins to pale and cool. After this the ice begin to show externally starting at the point of infection and rapidly growing form there. At this point the ice begins to affect the victim mentally causing them the try and preserve the ice and attack those that they to subdue or treat it. finally once the ice spreads enough the victims dies and the rest of its body becomes ice. After a few days the body rises becoming a new Frost Ghoul.


The only prevention from the disease is to be blessed with fire in some way, such as divine support or ancestral inclinations.


Like many undead diseases Ice Rot can quickly spread through unprotected towns if not dealt with early. It only takes about a month before an entire town becomes infected.

Cultural Reception

Often when someone is discovered to have contracted they will be either sent into the frontier or be burnt alive. As without a cleric it is almost impossible to cure.

Chronic, Acquired
Ice Glade

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