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Human Funeral

We gather hear to help one of our own pass onto the other side.... May their journey be short and may the great guider of soul look favorably upon them
— Cleric of Jehan


The funeral rite is as old a the Old Realm, when Humans and the Old races were united under one banner. However after the great divide certain aspect of the ritual were changed after being considered blasphemous to the memories of those that fell to save humanity.


The rite begins with the covering on the body in a grey shroud, those of noble lineage will often have their crest emblazoned onto theirs. After that 3 Clerics of Jehan will begin to recant the Script of Passing this helps guide the spirits to the Far side. the chant is accompanied by the offering of worldly goods associated with the individual. Often times this is weapons or jewelry, however for poorer families this is often simpler things like clothes or trinkets. Finally two copper coins are placed over the eyes
Once the rite of passing has been completed the rite of sealing begins. This is done in order to prevent the body from reviving and becoming an undead. Though it is often not considered a rite on its own as it requires the rite of passing to be performed first. The sealing begins with another chant from the clerics which is broken up by periodic application of holy water to the body. Finally the body is often burned however for those of high nobility, they are often preserved on hallowed ground instead of being cremated.

Components and tools

The need items for the rite are as followed:

  • The Tombs of Jehan
  • A number of items that hold importance to the one being buried
  • Holy water
  • Criben Dust
  • 2 copper coins


The only necessary members are the three clerics of Jehan. One leads the chant while the two other clerics prepare the body and perform various tasks on the body in order to help the ritual along. It is often thought though that having those who were close to the individual present during the rite is important in allowing the spirit to easily pass on without regret.


The Rite must be performed during night time during the watching moon period of a given month.

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