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Eve Stones

These highly sought after gems are a fundamental part of any enchantment. Imbued with arcane energy these stone are needed in order to power enchantments, however their deposits are exceedingly rare and the quality of the stone being used has a great impact on how power and enchantment it can sustain.
There is currently 7 known types of Eve Stone, with each variant having a unique flavour of arcane energy:

  • [Gallicite]
  • [Falenrite]
  • [Jesserite]
  • [Arulicite]
  • [Necorocite]
  • [Seerite]
  • [Arcanite]


Physical Characteristics

An Eve Stone when cut for use in Enchantment is normally about the size of a Grape, and when held to a source of light one can often see the swirly arcane energy that the stone contains. When mined however one Could easily mistake Eve Stone Deposits for simple colopured quartz.


Due to the arcane nature of the Stones their physical properties vary, however they are alway incredible hard and produce faint wisps of the energy they contain when struck with force. For example if one were to hold Jesserite they would feel a faint tingle across their body due to the stones innate Electrical energy, while Gallicite being the stone of cold energy would feel cool to the touch.


One of the rarer uses of Eve Stones is in the production of [warding stones]. Where large amounts of uncut stone is mixed in with the molten stone where it is then forged into plate which are used for warding large structures like cities.

Geology & Geography

Eve Stone like many precious minerals are found deep in the earth. However unlike iron and Gold Eve Stones are only ever found in specific mountains which have strong connections to certain arcane energies. As such when a deposit is found it is quickly put under heavy protection.

History & Usage


if cut stones are kept in close porximity with each other they begin to resonate which can lead them to explode violently. Also if differing they of Eve Stone come into contact they will repel each other often causing small shock waves.


Trade & Market

The supply of Eve Stones is often controlled by local authorities and as such anyone wishing to purchase it must go through them.


In its mined state Eve stone can be stored like any other rock. However once cut into a usable shape Eve Stones must be kept separate or else they my begin to resonate with each each other.

Falenrite the Eve stone of fire
Cut Stone - 100+ GP
Very Rare
N/A though some say it feels 'tingly' to the taste-buds
Common State
Quartz like Deposits

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