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Eve Stone Conduits

Now if only I could find a way of combining two types of Eve Stone without them rejecting each other violently. On that note I also need to find a new assisstant, and a new lab for that matter....
— Professor Octavo
Eve Stone Conduits, or simply Conduits allow one to manipulate the chaotic energy of eve stones without the need for any input from the user. Without Conduits enchanted items would not be possible to use expect by spell casters and even then with great difficulty.


Eve Stones are housed on or in Conduits (depending on the size), which extract and shape the arcane energy they produce to create desired affects.
Access & Availability
The creation of conduits is a closely kept secret that is only given to those that attain a certain level of mastery at the College of mages. This is to maintain the now huge military advantage the Kingdom of Haelia now has over the coalition. Practitioners also need special licenses if they wish to sell items that use conduits and must constantly reapply for said licenses every year.
The Process required to make Conduits is fairly complex and precise in nature with minute deviations resulting in different arcane affects. To make a Conduit one needs only two materials: The base (Normally a metal) and Eve Stone Powder. From their a complex mixing and casting process in need in order to get the powder to form correctly in order to create the desired results.
The Discovery Conduits was made by Professor Octavo in 82 HR when he botched an attempt at casting Eve infused copper, resulting in the Eve stone power he used not mixing properly creating bands through the metal. He then tried to melt the failed alloy with a spell but discovered the metal merely redirected the affect away. This is when he discovered the unmixed Power had created a kind of frame work the allowed for the manipulation of arcane energy to create new desired affect without the need of a dedicated spell caster.

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