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Dragon Cat

Ahhh, I see you've met vunnar. Don't worry he been fed recently so he wont bite, well at least I think he has
— Lord Lazius
Dragon cats are a mystical creature that live in the mountains of the the Thousand Spines. Known for their protective nature many noble houses employ the creature to guard their estates.

Basic Information

Anatomy & Morphology

The Dragon Cat has the head of a cat with the body of a lung dragon. However instead of scales the creature is completely covered in fur with cat like limbs instead of more reptilian ones. On top of this the Dragon Cat has two long whiskers that can grow to about half the length of the creature.

Genetics and Reproduction

Like their more reptilian cousins, Dragon cats reproduce using eggs. These are incubated in turn by mother and father who defend their nests with great ferocity. The average time for an egg to hatch is about 6 months after which a battle dragon cat with emerge fully capable of flight.

Growth Rate & Stages

A Dragon cat take about 5 years to grow to maturity but never stops growing in size after this period. However their growth rate does slow down drastically.
Dragon cats are considered old once they reach the age of 100 and ancient at the age of 1000. Not much changes apart from the size of the Dragon cat between these stages however some breed experience increase in magical capability.

Ecology and Habitats

Dragon cats enjoy mountainous regions and often make their nests in burrows they make in cliff faces. The area they patrol around the nest is maintained like a garden in order to ensure a steady supply of food for the Dragon cat and its prey.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Dragon cats can and will eat almost anything however do show a tendency for more flavoursome foods, like fruits and spiced meats.
In the wild Dragon cats eat all their food raw, while when in captivity they lean towards cooking food which they learn to do from their owners.

Additional Information


Dragon cats have been used as guard animals for noble houses since the beginning of the kingdom of Haelia. This is done by creating a magical pact between the Dragon cat and the family. For as long as the terms of the pact are maintained the estate will be protected.
Due to the contractual nature of the Dragon cats service they will often refuse to make pacts with individuals who do not seem worthy of their assistance. Meaning only those who have truly proven themselves or have enough wealth to give the Dragon cat an lavish lifestyle can reliably gain these creatures service.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

The Thousand Spines mountains - North Sotin

Average Intelligence

Dragon cats can easily be considered sapient as they can easily understand human language as well as them being able to cast spells.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

With their senses magically enhanced the Dragon cat has incredible sight, hearing and smelling capabilities. Along with this they can detect the life essence of those that a close by, however they need line of sight for this ability to work.

Scientific Name
Dragonis Panthera
3000 years
Conservation Status
The only known reserve for the Dragon Cats is located near the College of Mages, the reserve raises around 3-5 Dragons a year and covers a largearea within the Deep Wood.
Average Height
Adult ~ 2 feet
Old ~ 5 feet
Ancient ~ 8 feet
Average Weight
Adult ~ 600 lbs
Old ~ 8 tonnes
Ancient ~ 39 tonnes
Average Length
Adult ~ 15 feet
Old ~ 30 feet
Ancient ~ 56 feet

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