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Clan Tarlokir

Once one of the mighty clans that occupied the Mountains of Sotin the Tarlokir have now fallen, toppled by the Kingdom of Haelia mines, this was due to their breakage of the [Iron Pact] and ancient agreement signed by [Gulrik] and the Tarlokir clan centuries prior. This fall from grace is recorded in an ancient scroll known as the [Dread Weave].


Major language groups and dialects

The Tarlokir speak [Dwarven]

Shared customary codes and values

The Tarlokir hold loyalty to the clan above all else and see hiding their affiliation a gave dishonour. This is one of the reason the clan has been so poorly treated compared to others. Their loyalty to the clan is greater than that to the crown and as such they are forced to mine the precious Eve Stones.

Common Etiquette rules

As the clan does not use family names it is customary to use ones profession as a prefix to ones name. For example warriors are often given the title 'Sental' as a prefix. many of the professions do not have unique names like this but those that do are often treated with more respect.


Beauty Ideals

The Tarlokir Clan are unique among dwarfs due to their fascination of tattooing their faces, often adorning their skin with dwarven runes. Where most dwarfs avoid cutting their hair and beards the Tarlokir happily do so in order to further decorate their skin with the intricate rune and symbols. This however does make it very easy to identify them making it hard to hide from the ever watchful eyes of their human overlord.

Gender Ideals

The Clan divided its labour between both men and women. With the men of the clan taking on the roles of clan defender not only acting as the guards and soldier but also the carers of the young and old. While the clans women were the creators, being tasks with being the artisans, smiths, and medics of the clan.

Courtship Ideals

When a man wishes to be wed he must first shows he is worth the duty. To do so he must go deep into the mines and slay a [Tunnel Boar] and present the crystal that is grows to his intended bride. She must then craft the crystal into a pendant which is given to the mans parents, if the are pleased then the two can be wed. This is done to show that both husband and wife will produce strong children for the clan.

Tarlokir Dwarf

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