Dikasiums are Daullyan equivalents of courthouses. They are the locations where trials take place and justice is dispensed. 


Dikasium comes from the Daullyan for justice ring.


Given the Daullyan's intense martial traditions and all citizens being soldiers, it should not be surprising that trial by combat is firmly enshrined in their justice system. Not all court proceedings move to a trial by combat, but most serious cases end up in combat, unless there is very little evidence against the accused or a solid alibi.    Any citizen has the right to claim trial by combat for any accusation against himself, his non citizen family, or his slaves. Non citizens can claim a trial by combat for any accusation against their persons. Slaves can claim a trial by combat for any accusation that could result in mutilation or execution.    Originally there was no set location for trials by combat but overtime a standardized location was developed. Now each jurisdiction in the country has a dikasium. 


Each Dikasium is set up as an open topped circular structure with four covered booths or buildings spaced equally around the perimeter. The largest enclosed building is where all trials begin. it is set up like a standard court room, with a place for the accused, the accuser, and a raised platform for the magistrate. Some cases are conducted completely in this room, moving into the ring if a physical punishment is given. If the accused (or their owner) demands a trial by combat, proceedings move into the ring. The magistrate's platform opens onto the ring at the back, and the magistrate supervises the combat from there.    The booth opposite the magistrate's platform is for a healer. Cases where the punishment is execution are fought to the death, but all other accusations are fought until one combatant yeilds. These combats are likely to produce one or more fighters who will need to be patched up afterwards, so having a healer on site helps with this.    The remaining booths are for the accuser and the accused. If the accused is using a champion he will watch the combat from his booth. Each combatant booth is equipped with a selection of all normal Daullyan arms and armor. If the accused losses the combat and lives, sentence is carried out immediately in the ring. This could be whipping, mutilation, or execution. 


Dikasiums vary greatly in construction based on the wealth of the jurisdiction and the prestige of the magistrate holding court. Simple dikasiums may be just a wood board front building with a wooden fence and canvas booths. More elaborate dikasiums may be made of stone with large columned front buildings, multi tiered rings with spectator seating, and tile roofed booths.


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