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Welcome to Therra, a world of mysticism, normalcy and madness. 12 thousand years ago, the world was shifted. When the envious Ophica desired to become the God of the Dead, he had one thing in the way: The King of the Underworld. It was deception that gave him this title. Yet, it was not enough, the King of the Underworld moved into an endless cycle of reincarnation, with no memory of his true greatness.   It was this shift that changes it all. In the present day, we live in a world where four nations are at war: the Northeastern Kingdom of Sachiko, the Southern Isles of Capella, the Western Nation of Regible and the Eastern Union of Madelle. Each nation united under a single goal, control of the world. It is during the calm before the storm that the story truly begins to develop.   This is a world full of magic and mythology, a world that mirrors ours in its normalcy yet evokes the madness of both the past and the future. From crazy robot overlords to apocalyptic demons from the depths below, the world of Therra will always be defined by a single factor: Anything Goes, anything can happen.

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