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  Protis is Nick's player character, a Minotaur Bard who wants to serve Ephara.  


  Born in Skophos to a prestigious family. At around the age of 10, fled with his older sister. She knew that Protis would have to fight their father to the death as is tradition for highborn sons of Skophos. It is to prove their stregnth, will, and devotion to Mogis. Protis learned this later as he got older and from there his hatred of Mogis, Skophos, and being born a minotaur started.   His sister knew of Setessa. A place where she had heard cowards and heretics tried to escape to. She thought this could be their haven and where she tried to lead them. She knew of a few different gods. Among them Karametra. She often said prayers to Karametra to guide them and keep them safe.   Along the road she taught Protis of all the myths and stories she knew. These stories and the way she told them mystified Protis. They also found discarded items and old relics along the way which she would make up stories about because she knew how much Protis liked her them.   The path was not without it's tribulations. They came across monsters and people who thought minotaurs were monsters. Some situations she could talk their way out of, but in others violence was inevitable. His sister always protected Protis. She would not let anything happen to him. However, at the end of it all she taught Protis that none of the violence should ever be done for Mogis.   Their journey brought them close to Akros. They set up camp close by and his sister went to scavenge and hunt for their next meal. This is when Protis's curiosity got the best of him. His sister warned him that The people there do not like minotaurs. Protis wishes nothing but to live in the city with his sister because he knows how dangerous the outlands are. Walls are a sanctuary from all of the dangers of the outside.   Protis creeped up towards the city wanting to see what the people were doing. He crept closer and closer almost forgetting the warning his sister had given him because of how enchanted he was. As he watched he imagined what his life would be like there. He daydreamed of being human and not having to travel this long and arduous journey anymore. It was then lost in his imagination Protis was caught unaware, knocked unconcious and captured by guards.   Protis woke up in a prison cell chained up and restrained. Protis was scared. He knew that the guards would be back for him. He just wanted to see his sister again. He didn't want to die. In this moment of desperation Protis called on the only thing he knew might work and asked Mogis for help. He prayed to Mogis and told him that he would spill the guards blood for Mogis if he granted Protis the stregnth to break free in this moment.   When the guards came to retrieve Protis his prayer was heard and Protis was imbued with rage, stregnth, and bloodlust that only Mogis could provide. After Protis had gored the guards in his blind rampage he snapped back to his own senses and was horrified at the things he had done. He knew that his sister would not be proud.   It was then another prisoner saw what he had done and became intrigued. It was a silver tounged man Lykaios who told Protis that more guards were going to come looking soon and he would be killed for sure. There's no where he could go covered in all that blood especially as a minotaur, but if Protis took Lykaios with him, he knew a way to get out undetected and he even had a job and a place to stay when they got out. Scared, ashamed, and desperate to live in the walls Protis freed Lykaios and he had led them out just as he said he would.   Lykaios had Protis working for him under his thumb. While he saw what stregnth Protis had, he also saw his weakness. He blackmailed him saying that he would turn him over to the soldiers if he ever stepped out of line. Protis worked as one of his thugs. He was sent out in the night to rough up anyone who owed Lykaios money or just anyone he needed to bring back in line.   One night Protis was sent to a house to extort an older woman. When he got there she was not afraid. She saw kindness and pain in Protis's eyes. She invited Protis in. Where he's from, why he's here, and why he's bothering old women in the middle of the night. He felt like he could trust her. She almost reminded him of his sister. He told her everything. Even that he wishes he were human. She told him that she was originally a sorcerer from a place called Meletis. She told him that minotaurs lived among the folk of Meletis just as one of them. She gave Protis some money so that he would not get in trouble, and told him to come back soon.   From then on Protis would visit her whenver he could. She taught him of the spells he knows now. She taught him confidence. She asked him if he was still sure he wanted to be a human even after hearing that there is a place where he can be. Almost unbelieving that there could be a place like that he stood firm in his wish. It was then she taught him disguise self and that it was only temporary. If he wanted something more permanent there was someone in Meletis she knew. She gave him a special coin with two heads. She told him that if he found the right person to give this to they would know what to do.   Coincidentally soon after, Lykaios needed Protis and a few of his other goons to take some goods on a boat to Meletis for a deal he was striking there.  


Current Status
Wants to reach Meletis; Wants to find his sister
Current Residence
Presented Sex
Follower of Ephara

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