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Theron is the planet where this setting is based, it is a special planet in the fact that it is the epicentre of the universe, a gateway of sorts. Theories have been wrote about Theron but most pass them off as too far fetched, but how else do you think such magical feats and creatures are capable in such a world...   Theron is filled with millions of souls, souls which have been brought from all across the galaxy to this central planet. The world is an Eden of sorts, the majority of races inhabiting it forgetting the real purpose they are here.   Thousands of years ago, other planets which supported life grew and prospered. Knowledge grew of this world where magic seeped from the earth, wealth and power awaited those who conquered it...   This spurred on many races and planets, finding either natural ways to get there or using magic to tear a hole in space. This led to massive battles, with Elves at the centre as this was their home planet. However as thousands of years of war passed, the soldiers and families forgot why they were fighting, they forgot what their purpose was and the only thing they wanted was to live.   This eventually led to the current world state of Theron. The hundreds of different races that inhabit it now think of it as their home and don't even remember what really happened during the great wars. They pray to deities who are people like them though are still on their own home planet. A strange world indeed but the time is coming again for war, the homeworlds are preparing and this semi-peaceful planet will be thrown into chaos.