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Truly Cursed

There are those that are considered ill omens among the hopeless. These Truly Cursed walk with more than their fair share of the curse. Powerful nightmares await them each night and sleep often eludes them. However, within this horrible existence there lies a silver lining. For the more cursed they become, the more powerful they get. 

Whenever you receive a penalty to attack rolls, saving throws or AC, you are healed a number of hit points equal to the penalty. This only counts the first time you receive a given penalty in a combat.

You gain proficiency with Glassblower's Tools. Corruption Bonus – +1 Constitution

Corruption Effect: Sometimes bad luck is even worse and even more so for you. Whenever you would roll a 2 on an attack roll, saving throw, or skill check, it counts as though you rolled a 1.

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