Tholomin Chandler

Human Seeker


A strange wanderer, Tholomin Chandler joined Group 2 as they were transported to Onak-Al. Tholomin was arrested and sent to Onak-Al for stealing money, though he purports it as only stealing from those who steal themselves. As a result of his walking the lands, Tholomin was familiar with the intricacies of Brightport, and incredulous about the group’s claims of their adventures there.   Show spoiler
Arc 1
  Upon entering the arena at Onak-Al, Tholomin was separated from the majority of the slaves and put in a separate cell, along with the members of Group 2. There, they meet Katey, Sil, and Vallus. Tholomin immediately takes an interest in the two women, and tries to charm his way into their good graces and get information out of them. This ultimately fails. Though eventually Katey begins to change her mind, thinking him sweet, if not a bit stupid.   After a visit from House Darksbane representatives, Tholomin and the group were thrown into battle in the arena. Much to everyone’s surprise, their opponents were Katey and Sil! After some initial hesitation, Tholomin joined in on the battle against the two women. He charged towards Katey. She fired at close range reflexively, instantly killing her would-be suitor.   After his death, Tholomin’s body was thrown into the pits. There, it fell under House Darksbane’s curse and became an animated corpse. As a zombie, he chased down the members of the group and cornered them in a chamber. He was dispatched and given final rest by Baranith, the cleric of the group.

Appearance and Personality

  Tholomin had long, dark hair and was considered by some, himself included, to be very handsome. He had great confidence is his skills as well, both on and off the field of combat. Although sarcastic, he had a tendency to joke around no matter the situations, provided some needed, though sometimes not appreciated, comic relief.  

Important Dates and Achievements

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Notable Moments

  • Killed by Katey in Episode 20
  • Became a zombie with every other being in Onak'Al in Episode 21
  • Killed for the second and final time in Episode 23
  • First Appearance
    Arc 1, Episode 74

    Long dark
    Aligned Organization
    Group 2