The WIKI (SC'20)

Written by Steve Tremblay

In every library, in every town on Ellara there is an ever expanding book that has many pages mysteriously added to it about twice a year. The cover reads "The Wondrous Inconstant Knowledge Index", authored by Steve (no last name asked for or given apparently).   The book's pages chronicle the last 20 years of Ellaran history from the point of view of the adventurers who lived it and written in a first person account style.   Steve, who once lived in Overdale and worked at the library when Zannon Carter: The Legacy came to power and who left when things got uncomfortable settled in Esterholt. He continued to work in libraries and reading recent history books like The Bleak 10. Over the years he wondered how and why things got so bad so he started talking to anyone traveling through town and writing down their stories. Eventually he left the safety of Esterholt and began traveling with caravans from town to town and talking to everyone he could. He would eventually begin making copies of the collected stories and having them bound into an over-sized cover so he could add more on each trip back through town.   As the years went on, The WIKI began to take shape as a working history for the last 20 years cataloging King Carter's rise and fall, tensions at Winterhaven, the lives and deaths of many heroes roaming the land and events all over Ellara.   It would seem that Steve still travels from town to town updating The WIKI where ever the road takes him. For those who know what he is working on, he is called simply "Steve the WIKI guy".
Steve 'the wiki guy' by Adam Kovar
From the NOW AVAILABLE! book The Adventurers Guide to Theria vol. 1: Ellara


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