The Whirlpool (SC'19)

Written by Jason Massey, Edited by Steve Tremblay

“I don’t believe it is meant for travel. We’ve convened on this subject more than once and if we were to hazard a guess for them to interfere with nature this way, they were keeping something from getting out.” - Sago


A few miles east of The Frost Basin is The Silver Run River. It’svery much like many of the others on Ellara, but with one major difference. Water flows inland from the sea, eventually culminating into a whirlpool at its widest point. On the other end of the vortex the water seems to flow in the correct direction. Extensive research has been made on this anomaly, only to find little in the way of satisfying answers. Attempts to test its powerful current end with nothing more than a severed rope or chain. The only information available about it comes in the form of legend from a community of elves to the southwest.


Hundreds of years ago, a massive beast plagued the mountainous roads and forested areas in the north. It ventured out at night to stalk the landscape for miles around its watery home, attacking unsuspecting campers and hunters. During the day it lurked in the river and would lash out at anyone who got too close. After years of the foul creature wreaking havoc, an exalted order of druids were asked to intervene. The Les’riele Order were once some of the most powerful natural spellcasters on Ellara. In 982 ACE, they arrived in a nearby settlement of Evercolm in silence, wearing thick grey robes. They spoke to no one as they prepared their ritual. For four days, they did nothing but grind herbs and brew potions.


The people of the village watched as the druids completed their preparations and silently departed for the river. The Les’riele stalked the scaled devil to its hunting grounds. While a few members of the order did battle with the behemoth, the others carried out a ritual to seal it within the river. In the end, two members of the order were lost but the monster had been sucked into a huge, roiling whirlpool where it would remain trapped indefinitely.

As they departed, one of the Les’riele approached the villagers and spoke just a few words:
“Gahara will not bother you again.”

***Whirlpool gif taken from part of a youtube clip uploaded by Entire video Here and behaves how I imagine the Therian whirlpool behaves.
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Excerpt taken from upcoming Adventurers Guide to Theria volume 1: Ellara