The Wastes

Written by Steve Tremblay


Located in the southeast corner of Ellara, The Wastes persist as one of the most deadly areas of the continent.   A sprawling desert, nearly 5000 square miles cornered by four small but important towns. Only one is in the desert proper. Onak-Al has been a thriving city despite its location. For decades, it was a destination of those looking to either buy or sell many slaves and hosted gladiatorial games within it's massive arena. On its north shore, the port was the main entrance to the city as trekking through The Wastes was deemed too dangerous for most travelers.   For those willing to brave the desert, the road from Whitehedge is normally the best bet. The shortest 'on foot' route from a town keeps merchants with Mirage Bay on their left and endless white dunes to their right. For the unprepared and inexperienced the road seemed simple enough. However, sandstorms, wildlife and lack of supplies stranded many people with no where to go and little hope of survival.   Sandstorms add a double dose of danger, trapping travelers in a single spot, battering them with wind and sand and possible endangering water and food supplies if not properly secured.

Fauna & Flora

The vast desert is home to little vegetation and no water to be found. This does not mean that nothing lives there. Scavenger birds survive off anything unlucky enough to perish in the sand and the rare small creatures that are able to survive the heat.   The largest threat in The Wastes comes in the form of blue dragons that are found only in this arid climate. They tend to hide under the sand and ambush prey where they can. These beasts are crafty, patient and can feel the vibrations of those walking through their area and spring up to violently collect their meal.

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The Wastes by Ashley Kemme | Cole Vernon