Human Rogue


Tatiyana has lived a double life, part time criminal, part time family loving adventurer. On one hand, she was involved with Ripley amnd did some work for the Fang. On the other, she was sending money home to her parents to help them out. Something went back with the Fang and Tatiyana ended up going to prison for a couple of years. When she was released, she found herself close to Braylon Gallbuck and Kalden Halek and helped the to escape from Brightport.   Show spoiler
Arc 2
So now, along with a few other traveling companions, the group is making its way west following the trail of escapees from the city of Donhurst. Within that town, a demon had slaughtered much of the population but some survivors headed to Durnhollow and Aubrey so that is now the destination.  

Appearance and Personality

  Tatiyana can be very firm when she takes a stance but can be unwilling to talk about how she make a decision. She will sometimes withhold information from even her closest friends.

First Appearance
Arc 2, Episode 2

Bright Red