Takard Stonesunder

Dwarven King


King of the Dwarves, ruler of the mountain, and defender of the pride of his people, Takard Stonesunder fought with honor for what he has achieved and does not plan on giving it up anytime soon. Certainly not without a deadly fight.   As a younger dwarf, Takard lead his army against the Minotaurs to steal away their land, and he- in typical dwarf fashion- named the mountain after himself in their absence. He ruled over his new land for many years before a group darkened his doors. A minotaur in their ranks, he still allowed them to present their cause and attempt to convince him to join, though he did have some valid concerns. In return for the Dwarven forces he had to offer, Takard told the group that they would have to kill the orc-leader Sarn.  
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When their end of the deal was upheld, King Stonesunder began gathering forces to meet at the Winterhaven's front door. He was not the sort of man to go back on his word, even when he gave that word to a minotaur who may one day be his enemy.   Takard had an adversarial relationship with both Yenward and Duncan but managed to keep his word and help both defend Winterhaven and bring his army to the doorstep of Overwatch and help bring down the city.


Takard is an old dwarf who lived a long and hard life up until the past few years of it. Since becoming king he's known a relaxing life he didn't before, though he never once let his finesse and skill in battle slip because of it. Muscled even in his age, the man had tiny blue eyes peeking out over a huge dark grey beard, which is tied with numerous braids and has some bobbles sewn in to show his position. A human would not be able to tell he is a king by his manner, but other dwarves are immediately able to tell because their perceptions of what makes one 'kingly' are quite different. Rugged and crass, Takard is the picture of a king to his people.

First Appearance:
Arc 1, Episode 42
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