Persnickity the Unicorn



Persnickity was enjoying his day in the field when Calluna Vulgaris and their friends wandered through. Calluna befriended Persnickity and decided to ride him proudly into the city of Whitehedge.  
Show spoiler
Calluna and Persnickity made quite the spectacle in town but things turned dark when Persnickity saw an Elf named Bilford. As unicorns have an unexplained long term hatred of Elves, Persnickity immediately attacked, spearing Bilford in the stomach. The party reacted quickly to subdue the beast while Bilford scaled a fence and ran for his life. In the end, Vallus landed the Kettenhund around Persnickity's neck, killing him.   Bilford was found and healed and most of the incident was put behind the party.


Sleek and majestic, Persnickity moves with a fluid grace in the fields.
First Appearance:
Arc 1, Episode 89