Norhorn Hammerhand

Dwarven House Leader


Leader of one of the three houses of Brightport, Norhorn Hammerhand inherited his fathers legacy when he retired. Retirement is not easy to come by in a place like Brightport, which only serves to show how steadfast and determined the Hammerhand family can be. It also goes to show that they know how the handle themselves politically as well as in a good fight.   Norhorn himself seemed particularly suspicious of those from the other houses, especially House Silverclaw. Perhaps it is simply their opposing natures which causes him to be so vexed by the other houses. However this suspicious nature can not impose on a fight, and when he was told of the undead horde mounting in Onak-Al, how could he really resist? Norhorn joined the fray headfirst and headstrong. As the dust settled, he was clearly bitten but seemingly not bothered by the fact. He was confident his Dwarven blood would fight off the blight without issue.  


Norhorn is a hearty dwarf, though he doesn't seem to be quite as boisterous as most of the leaders of his kind. Yes he enjoys a good fight, but he also doesn't shy away from thinking and sentiment. He is also younger than most dwarves in leadership positions. There is no gray in his red braided beard, and he is only just started to get the trademark crows-feet at the edges of his dark eyes that shows the maturity of his kind.

First Appearance:
Arc 1, Episode 38
Current Residence
Aligned Organization
House Hammerhand