Myrkin Silvershaper

Halfling Shopkeep


Myrkin Silvershaper is the owner of a prosthesis shop by the name of Myrkin’s Limbs in Winterhaven. Group 3 needed his assistance in getting Fie a new arm after it had been removed by Vallus. Myrkin was curious about how it happened but wasn't one to judge as it didn't affect the process, and offered Fie a wide variety of arms to chose from.  
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The group found themselves short on the needed funds for the arm. Jadzia attempted to borrow a tactic from Una and barter with the man to pay Myrkin back later, and with help from Vallus’ intimidation skills Myrkin agreed to lend Fie the arm. It was then revealed that to attach the arm to Fie blood magic would be needed, but the group didn't flinch with a promise from Fie that should anything go wrong they were experienced with taking out blood mages. Nearly 3 years later and Myrkin is still waiting to be paid for the arm.


Myrkin is a Halfing, who is talented at his profession and with a keen eye for business. As he provides a very rare and skillful service he can be free with his prices and ask for money up front, and knows a small bit of blood magic that is needed for his profession.
First Appearance:
Arc 1, Episode 61
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